Dragon’s Green Worldquake Sequence (Scarlett Thomas)

Leanna (15) las ‘Dragon’s Green WORLDQUAKE SEQUENCE van Scarlett Thomas: Effie Truelove is an eleven-year-old kid who believes in magic. Due to a huge world quake WiFi and mobile phones don’t exist anymore. At the same time this weird event occurred, her mom disappeared. Her grandfather, Griffin Truelove, also believes in magic, although Effie’s father…


Library of souls (Ransom Riggs)

Leanna (14) las “Library of souls” van Ransom Riggs: Jacob is peculiar. Just like his grandfather, he can see hollows. In the third book, The Library of Souls, the peculiar children are kidnapped by the wights. However, Addison, a peculiar dog, rescued Emma and Jacob and together they follow their friends to Devil’s Acre, the…